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Welsh Music

Do you like listening to Welsh music? Loads of groups and artists sing and hold gigs in Welsh.  


Welsh people such as Endaf Emlyn, Dafydd Iwan, Huw Jones and Meic Stevens and many bands such as Y Blew, Y Tebot Piws etc. began singing pop during the sixties. While artists from Wales such as Tom Jones and Mary Hopkin climbed the charts in England, others revolutionized contemporary singing in Welsh during the sixties and early seventies. 


During the seventies groups such as Edward H Dafis, Ac Eraill, Mynediad am Ddim and Crysbas had great success and attracted an audience that enjoyed pop and rock music through the medium of Welsh. 


Today many other bands and artists have had success singing in both Welsh and English. Duffy and Cerys Mathews with Catatonia both had great success in the English charts. Cerys has sung a number of Welsh folk songs and popularised old favourites. 


The Selar Awards are held in Aberystwyth each year to present a range of prizes to new artists and bands on the Welsh rock scene 


Cân i Gymru is another popular competition that provides a platform and prize for Welsh artists. The competition is broadcast on S4C on St David's Day and the winner represents Wales at the Pan Celtic Festival in Ireland. 


Remember that the Welsh Government has designated a special day to celebrate Music in Wales each year. The date falls in the first week of February. 

Cân i Gymru (Song for Wales)
Cân i Gymru is an annual song competition in Wales. The winner represents Wales in the Pan Celtic Festival, Ireland.
Launched on the 1st of November 1982, S4C is a free Welsh-language television channel.
Pan Celtic Festival
The Pan Celtic Festival promotes and nurtures the languages, the cultures, the music, modern and traditional, and sport of the Celtic Nations.
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