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Welsh Giants

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Welsh Giants

Wales is a very small country compared with some of the other countries in the world.  


The population of Wales is around 3.1 million and the world's population is around 7.9 billion. 


Here's what 3.1 million looks like in figures: 3,100,000 

Here's what 7.9 billion looks like in figures: 7,900,000,000 


As you can see, only a very small percentage of the world's population lives in Wales. However, Welsh people have contributed to many different areas including discoveries in science, mathematics and architecture. 


Did you know that a Welshman named Robert Recorde invented the equals sign ("=") and that a Welshman drew the map of the moon that NASA used during their Apollo missions in the 1960s? 


Heroes like Owain Glyndŵr, the Rebecca Rioters and William Morgan are part of Welsh history and there is a great deal about King Arthur in the historic legends of Wales. 


Four Welshmen have won a Nobel Prize and four others have won an Oscar in Hollywood. 


A number of Olympic gold medals have been won by Welsh men and women over the years, and many in football and rugby are amongst the world's best players. 


Famous Welsh people have certainly contributed a great deal to entertainment as well. Many Welsh actors have acted in films in Hollywood. Have you heard of Rhys Ifans who acted in the film Spiderman?  Rhys is a Welshman who was born in South Wales but grew up in the Ruthin area in the North-east. Catherine Zeta Jones and Matthew Rhys are also Welsh and among Hollywood's famous actors.  


In browsing the history of Wales and its people in the present and the past, you will see that this small country has contributed a lot to the world stage. 

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