Welcome to Wales!

Welcome to Wales!

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Welcome to Wales!

Wales or Cymru in Welsh derives from the Brythonic word Cymbrogi meaning ‘fellow countrymen’. Currently the population of Wales is approximately 3.2 million with over 20% able to speak the Welsh language. The capital Cardiff is the capital city of Wales.

For decades Wales has been known for its industrial economy, where much wealth came from raw materials such as coal and slate. Many people in both north and south Wales will have great grandparents and grandparents that worked on farms, slate mines, coal mines, the steel industry, on steam engines and in factories. Our ancestors might even have migrated from outside Wales and settled here to work in these primary and secondary industries.

The new Wales is a much heathier, a much cleaner and greener place; many of the dangerous and polluting industries have disappeared and Wales is transforming itself into a destination that many from all over the world wish to visit for holidays and leisure activities. At the end of the Victorian era tourism was thriving in Wales and Welsh seaside resorts developed the latest attraction in the form of seaside piers. Latest attractions in recent years include adventure opportunities to include coasteering, zip wires and skateboarding down mountains. Once again Wales is at the forefront of exciting holidays destinations and activities!

Wales has many centuries of history and historic buildings; a range of landscapes and habitats, beautiful hills, valleys, coastal paths and sandy beaches. Wales has wide range of wildlife, both on the land and in the seas around us. There are places to stay to suit a wide range of budgets whether in the hills inland or around the spectacular coastline. There are places that provide leisure activities to suit many different ages, abilities and interests.

This issue considers what Wales can offer to people who wish to visit. It also asks questions about how a country adapts to change in economics, industry and society.


Welcome to Wales!

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