Wales across the world

Wales across the world

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Wales across the world

The influence of Welsh people travels far beyond the boundaries of Wales. Everyone knows about the links Wales has with Patagonia on the continent of South America. But do you know that Welsh people have influenced place-names across the world? Why not investigate the locations below further?

Llandovery is a market town and community in Carmarthenshire, Wales. But there is another Llandovery on an island in the Caribbean called Jamaica. The town is known for the 'One-Penny Stamp', and for a world-famous sugar mill. I wonder how the name of a Welsh town was given to the St Ann's area of Jamaica?

I wonder if you have been on holiday to Llandudno? No, not Llandudno in north Wales but Llandudno in South Africa? As part of the city of Cape Town 'Llandudno Beach' was named as a township in 1903. It is a very privileged area, and some of the most expensive houses in the whole of South Africa have been built there. It was probably named because of the similarities between the two seaside areas. Look at pictures of the two locations and compare the surrounding landscape.

We all know that Cardiff is the capital city of Wales. Did you know that there is a town called Cardiff in more than one country across the world? There is a town called Cardiff in Taranaki, North Island, New Zealand. You can find Cardiff in Alberta, Canada and Cardiff, Alabama, United States of America.

Cardiff-by-the-sea in California was probably named in 1911 by a lady who was a native of Cardiff in Wales.

Why not investigate names from your area. Is there a similar name in a different location in the world?

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