Thinking about a new mobile – for when I am old enough

Thinking about a new mobile – for when I am old enough

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Thinking about a new mobile – for when I am old enough

Many people don’t realise how communication has changed so quickly over the past century and especially over the past two decades. It is only within the last twenty years that many people are able to carry a world of information and instant personal communication in their hands wherever they are!

Perhaps it is hard to believe that the iPhone and Android phone have only been available since 2007; in fact some say that this was the year that the whole world changed. Can you imagine today a world without email, internet and instant messaging, video and calls in your hands that is always available?

  • Between 1996 and 1997 only 16% of households the UK had a mobile
  • Between 2017 and 2018 93% of households the UK had a mobile

Before the rise in popularity of the mobile phone if you were away from your home phone you would have had to have some coins in your pocket and look for a red “Phone Box” which was connected to the “Post Office Telephone” wired network.

Some of these red boxes still exist – have you spotted one anywhere?

Before the voice telephone was available this same type of wired system was used for something called “telegraphy” which was sending messages from one place to another. This was where trained operators used ‘Morse Code’ a series of short and long flashing lamps or buzzers to send messages.

When the first wireless phones or “cell phones” were eventually introduced they were so large that they were usually installed in a car or other vehicle. This is where the name “Carphone Warehouse” originally came from.

In this issue Sofia has researched further because mum has promised her a mobile and so Sofia has come up with her findings while considering the developments in the past century and especially in the past twenty years.

Can you, like Sofia, imagine how life and learning without this technology might be - especially at times when there are pandemics and it is not safe to be too close to other people?

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