Werewolf howling at the full moon

The Werewolf and the Full Moon

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The Werewolf and the Full Moon

The werewolf is a mythical creature. At first glance, he looks like a pretty ordinary person, but he can change his shape from human form to a wolf or a beast that looks like a wolf. He can choose to do this by striking a deal with the Devil, or the change of form can occur after a person has been bitten by another werewolf. This usually happens at full moon! 

There are many stories about werewolves in Wales. One of the best-known stories is the werewolf of Wenvoe. 

Once upon a time, a young boy lived in the Coed y Cymdda area near Wenvoe. Although he was head over heels in love with a girl from the nearby village of Cadoxton, he decided to marry another girl, breaking the heart of his first love. 

Unbeknown to the boy, his first love was the niece of a witch. Seeing her niece so depressed, the witch decided to retaliate on the boy. So, on his wedding night, the witch put her belt on the doorstep of the groom’s home. Anyone going in and out of the house would have to step over that belt. As the bride and groom stepped into the house on the night of the wedding, the boy was turned into a werewolf and ran away to hide in nearby Coed y Cymdda. 

Every night after that, the werewolf would come from the woods to the home of the witch and howl noisily. He would frighten everyone in the area, and his new wife was so sad about the whole thing that she died young. 

The witch was determined to get the boy to marry her niece, so she transformed the werewolf back into a man by throwing a charmed lambskin over him. 

But that is not the end of the story. When the witch realised how badly the boy was treating her niece, she decided to turn him into a werewolf again. The witch died and no one in the world was able to undo her work. The werewolf spent nine years in the woods before he was accidentally shot, bringing to an end the terror of Wenvoe. 

If you want to deter werewolves, some people believe you can use rye, mistletoe, mountain ash and wolfsbane (Aconitum napellus). 


A long cry by an animal such as a dog or wolf.
Horror is a feeling of fear, shock, or disgust.
Mistletoe is a plant which grows on a donor broadleaf tree and bears white berries in winter.
A Person who turns into a wolf for periods of time, especially during a full moon, in folklore.
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