Senedd – Welsh Parliament

Senedd – Welsh Parliament

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Senedd – Welsh Parliament

The Senedd is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people.

What is the role of the Senedd?

The Senedd has four key roles:

  • representing Wales and its people
  • making laws for Wales
  • agreeing Welsh taxes
  • holding the Welsh Government to account.

The language of the Parliament

English and Welsh are official languages of the Senedd. The Senedd aims to be a truly bilingual institution where Members of the Senedd, the public and staff can choose to work or communicate naturally in either or both of our official languages.

How the Senedd is elected?

The Senedd has 60 elected Members of the Senedd (MS). For a Senedd election, which takes place every five years, each registered voter has two votes. You can vote if you are over 18 years old. The next election will be in 2021.

The first vote is for a local constituency Member. A Member is elected for each of the 40 constituencies in Wales. The candidate with the greatest number of votes wins the seat.

The second vote is to elect a regional Member. Regional Members are elected by a form of Proportional Representation and voters vote for a political party. There are 20 Members that represents the 5 regions.

The regions are:

  • North Wales;
  • Mid and West Wales;
  • South Wales East;
  • South Wales West;
  • South Wales Central.

Who is your Senedd member of Parliament? Follow link to find out!

What does a Member do?

They carry out the Senedd’s democratic work, represent the interests of Wales and its people, make and pass laws, agree on Welsh taxes and hold the Welsh Government to account.

Welsh Government Work

The Welsh Government is made up of up to 12 Ministers plus the First Minister currently Mark Drakeford (Labour). The Government is usually formed from the largest political party, but sometimes is made up from a mix of parties or independents.

One of the most important roles for a Member is to examine what the Welsh Government does. This involves debating policies, asking detailed questions and holding inquiries into specific issues.

The Welsh Parliament that represents the people and interests of Wales.
A politician is a person holding an office in parliament.
First Minister:
The First Minister is the Prime Minister for Wales. Currently Mark Drakeford is the First Minister for Wales.
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