Offshore wind farm on the North Wales coast

Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, and ancient forests are dying, with wildlife scrambling to keep up. Recent research shows that most global warming has been caused by humans during the last century. The greenhouse gases created are at higher levels now than at any time in the last 800,000 years. 


Our climate is changing and global warming is a growing problem for the countries and governments of the world. Part of the problem is our reliance on fossil fuels and it is time for the countries of the world to look to renewable means of generating the energy we need to live our lives in the modern world. 


A renewable resource does not diminish when used by humans and that is why wind, water, the sun and plants are ideal materials to produce renewable energy.  


Here in Wales some of the main sources of renewable energy are hydro, solar and wind energy. There are also plans to capitalise on the strength of the tides in Welsh seas to generate electricity. 


Advantages of Renewable Energy 

  • It does not run out and is renewable 
  • It minimises damage to the environment 
  • We can produce it locally 


Disadvantages of Renewable Energy 

  • Needs a lot of investment to set up 
  • Need to improve the technology to make it cost-effective 
  • It is not always effective as the weather is changeable in Wales in terms of wind and solar rays. 


2020 saw Wales' contribution to renewable energy generation in the UK increase by 2.2% including Llyn Brennig windmills, Lamby Way solar farm in Cardiff and EfW Recovery Park biomass scheme, Deeside.  


What might the increase be over the next few years and what other areas will contribute to the creation of renewable energy in Wales? 

Hydro energy
Water flow is used to turn a turbine to generate electricity. 
Solar energy
Solar panels capture heat from sunrays and sunlight to generate electricity. 
Wind energy
Wind is used to turn turbines, which are located on land and at sea.  
Tidal energy
The tidal strength of the sea is used to turn turbines on the seabed to generate electricity. 
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