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Love water, don’t waste it!

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Love water, don’t waste it!

We use on average of 150 litres of water each in the UK every day. Even though Wales has high levels of rainfall we often don't think about how much water we use as there is such a plentiful supply.  

Welsh Water supplies 825 million litres of water per day to our nation around a network of pipes of 26,500km in length! 

 A lot of work goes into producing the water that comes out of the tap. Electrical energy is used to move water around whether it is through the network of pipes to our homes and businesses or around the treatment works itself. By being careful with the water that we use we are not only saving water but we are also saving energy!  


Everyday water conservation tips and facts 

  • Leaving the tap running for 2 minutes when you brush your teeth can waste up to 20 litres of water.  
  • A running tap uses up to nine litres of water a minute. 
  • A dripping tap can waste up to 30 litres of water a day. 
  • Use a bowl in the sink when washing fruit, vegetables or dishes. You can use the waste water to water your plants. 
  • Older toilet cisterns use nine litres of water per flush and more modern toilets use six litres. Place a flush bag in the cistern to reduce the amount of water used for every flush. 
  • A five minute shower uses about half of a bathful of water (40 litres).  A power shower for 5 minutes uses the same amount of water as a bath. 
  • New showerheads and taps can have aerators fitted. These add air to the water and use much less water than standard taps and showerheads. 
  • Garden sprinklers use a massive 500 – 1000 litres of water an hour.  Use a watering can. A watering can will hold about 10 litres. If you fill your watering can from a water butt that is even better! 


Remember there is no new water in the world. We are using the same water that the dinosaurs used! Next time you turn on the tap use as much water as you need but please don’t waste it!

A litre is a metric unit of volume. 1 litre is equal to 1 cubic decimetre. 1 litre is the volume of a cube that is 10 cm x 10cm x 10cm.
Million is a number equal to 1,000 times 1,000.
A cistern is a tank for storing water for supplying taps or as part of a flushing toilet.
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