Flooding in Wales

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Flooding in Wales

Over 5 million people in England and Wales live and work in places that are at a risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. Some places have a higher risk of flooding and therefore may flood more frequently than others. In the future, climate change may make flooding happen more often. 

Natural Resources Wales (www.naturalresources.wales) is one of lots of organisations who work to keep us safe. During a flood in Wales, the emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) will work together with local authorities and Environment Agency Wales to make sure that communities are as safe as possible. 

Natural Resources Wales offers a special service which gives early warnings to people to warn them of possible flooding. This is called the Floodline Warnings Direct service. If this special service is available near your home or school, you can sign up to receive flood warnings by phone, email or text. Visit the Natural Resources Wales website or phone Floodline on 0845 988 1188 and give your address and postcode. 

Natural Resources Wales also makes maps to show places that are at risk of flooding. These maps are available on the Natural Resources Wales website. Click here to find out if your area might flood. Do you live or go to school in an area that might flood?

Measuring the changes in water levels in rivers is just one of the many jobs done by Natural Resources Wales. River level information is now on the internet so people can check lice river level measurements. Click here to look at the river levels near you.  

As well as talking to people about their flood risk, Natural Resources Wales also builds flood defence schemes to help reduce the risk of flooding in Wales. Flood defence schemes can help protect a town or village from flooding. You might know of flood defences along a river near you protecting a town, village, road or railway line. Climate change and different weather patterns may mean flooding could become worse in the future. This means we cannot just count on flood defences to protect us, so it is important everybody living in a place that might flood knows what they can do to help protect their families and their homes.

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