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Festival of Light: Welcome to the Christmas season

Festival of Light: Welcome to the Christmas season

The Christmas season is a time for us to have a happy time and a period of special celebrations for a great number of religions and countries across the world.  


The Festival of Diwali or "Deepavali" or the Festival of Lights is a Hindu celebration. This year in 2021 this Festival will be celebrated on November 4th. This is the darkest night of the Hindu calendar and signifies a new beginning for them before the next new moon. India has the most colourful and exciting celebrations performed by many people including Sikhs and Newar Buddhists. Like Christians in Wales who celebrate Christmas or, to give it another name, the "Nativity", special decorations are placed around the house and towns and shops over this period. You can see a Christmas tree in almost every home! People also eat special meals and foods to celebrate the festival. The Festival of Lights or Diwali extends over 5 days. 


Traditionally we eat turkey or other poultry, a Christmas fruit cake decorated with white icing, Christmas pudding, mince pies, sweets and chocolate! Like us, the Indian people have traditional foods. They cook and eat samosas, aloo Bonda, sooji Halwa, bhajis. You have probably heard some of these names if you have visited an Indian restaurant. Men and women also wear bright clothing decorated with bright garlands and made of silk, crepe chiffon and velvet. Men wear the kurta and dhoti.   


During this period in Wales Christian communities attend chapel or church to worship and thank God. They sing Christmas carols in chapel and on the streets. The Festival of Christingle is held in church. We look forward to receiving and giving gifts, and being busy with preparation over the Advent period is very exciting for children and grown-ups. The theme of the festival is love and there are opportunities to listen to stories and legends about giving and receiving across the countries. Charities also sell cards to raise money for less fortunate people over the festive period.  The custom here is to write cards or send phone messages to greet people and wish them well. Santa Claus or St Nicolas is expected to drop in to give gifts. In Russia, Babushka calls by. Each country has its own name for Santa Claus! Click on the link to listen  to  a song about Christmas performed by Alys Williams.   

Carol –
A song or hymn celebrating the events of the first Christmas.
Hindu –
A person who believes in the religion called Hinduism.
Tradition –
A custom from one generation to the next.
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