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Dogs' Achievements

The dog has lived alongside people for over 12,000 years and is now one of the two main pets we have and an important part of many families.  


Genetic evidence suggests that the dog is evolved from wolves and belongs to the same family as the fox and Jackal. Over 400 breeds of dogs exist. The first dogs were hunters but as farming developed, a long time ago, herding dogs were developed to herd animals such as cattle and sheep. 


The dog is also a very protective animal. They were regarded as sacred by the ancient Egyptians, who believed that the dog had godly characteristics and respected them greatly. In fact, only the royal family were allowed to own purebred dogs in ancient Egypt and their servants would get the job of pampering the dogs. When a ruler died, his favourite dog would be buried with him to protect him in the next world. There are pictures of these ancient dogs on the walls of Bronze Age and ancient Egyptian tombs, and on old scrolls throughout Europe.   


Because of their loyal, affectionate and protective character towards their owner, dogs are called man's best friend and although some are still used to hunt, herd and protect, their purpose is mostly company and as a pet. Many businesses in Western countries these days offer a dog pampering service. Dogs are very social creatures, they prefer the company of people or other dogs to being alone. 


Dogs are also used for other purposes today.  


Because of their intelligence, they are trained to support blind and disabled people. Although the dog has the same 5 senses as a person, some of their senses are very sharp and much better than a human’s. A dog’s hearing and sense of smell are exceptional.  


Dogs are used to help the police catch criminals and find explosive devices and illegal drugs. We have recently heard of dogs being used as part of the therapy used to heal patients in hospitals and nursing homes and they are also reported to be helping with therapy for learners in schools. 


A faithful and very clever animal.  

Evolve is to change or develop gradually
Herding dog
A dog that has been trained to herd livestock
Connected with God or a god dedicated to a religion
A large vault for burying the dead
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