Communication through the ages

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Communication through the ages

Communication is the transmission of a message from one person to another and this can be done in a variety of ways. It is an essential way of sharing our thoughts and helping us understand the world around us. We communicate with other people on a daily basis whether writing an email to a family member, saying thank you to the doctor or playing with a friend.

Communication can also mean how a person transmits messages to many people at the same time. Can you think how one person can give information to more than one other person? It can be through television, on social websites or in newspapers or magazines.

The way we communicate with others has changed over the years. Centuries ago, people used to communicate by sending a smoke signal or a pigeon. Today technology has developed and there are now a variety of ways to communicate including texting, speaking over Zoom and sending an email. Did you know that about 205.6 billion emails are sent every day?

We have a special language here in Wales that we use to communicate. People have been speaking Welsh for thousands of years. At one time, most of Britain spoke the language! Over the centuries, fewer people have been speaking Welsh, but the numbers are rising once again! Speaking Welsh is cool and the Welsh Government has announced that they are aiming to have a million Welsh speakers by the year 2050.

Sign language is also becoming more prominent across the world. Since not everyone can hear or speak, some people use their hands to communicate!! Wow!! This language is coming to the fore in our societies and on our television.

What is your favourite way of communicating? During this theme, why not actively learn a new way of communicating?

The act of exchanging information through speech, writing or a different medium.
To move something from one place to another place.
Social Websites
Websites where the user can share information with others.
A combination of using spoken language and hands to communicate.
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